Meople’s Magazine Reviews Kingdom Builder

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Kingdom Builder won the Spiel des Jahres, but hasn’t created much of a buzz lately, but this review at Meople’s Magazine aims to change that.

From the review…

Some of the king’s subjects are even sensible about this whole plan: the Miners and Fishermen, for example, want villages build next to mountains and water. The Merchants want you to build connections between locations on the map – castles and special fields – to use as trade routes, Workers want you to build around those fields because that is where they find work. Citizens and Hermits are harder to please, but still somewhat sensible: one wants one big, connected area of villages, the other wants as many separate areas as he can. (Come on, dude! You’re a hermit, just stay away from the villages.) Having those two in the same game makes for a fun contradiction in scoring points. The same goes for the remaining two pairs which also abandon all pretense of sanity in their demands and just delight in bossing you around. While the Lords give points to the player with the most villages in each quarter of the map the Farmers reward the most even distribution. And, worst of all, Discoverers and Knights demand that you build villages in many different horizontal (east to west) lines or many villages in one of those lines, respectively. As I said, completely bonkers. You can’t expect sane subjects under a mad king, can you? The fish’s smell starts at the head, as the German saying goes.

But at least now we figured out what the king will rewards us for. If those goals are contradictory, well, tough luck. Or good luck, really, because those games tend to be the most interesting. To get the king’s rewards, it’s time we started building villages. Each turn, you play your one hand card – not much choice involved there, you really only have one hand card – and place three of your houses on the landscape shown on your card. The placement is made interesting by one detail in the rules: you have to build adjacent to your houses already on the map if you can. The “if you can” part is important here, because you’ll spend quite some time and ingenuity in Kingdom Builder making sure that you can not place new houses next to the existing ones. If you cannot build next to your existing villages, you may build anywhere on the map that is the right kind of landscape, and that is good for scoring – depending which crazy people you’re trying to please, at least – as well as for your special actions.

Learn more about Kingdom Builder and read the rest of the review here.



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