How to Win as the Americans in 1812: The Invasion of Canada

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Are you tired of being defeated in 1812, a fun light wargame from Academy Games?  The folks over at the Boardgaming Life, an online board game magazine, have detailed some strategies to help a novice American player.

From the article..

This year, Academy Games added another fine game to their line up with 1812: The Invasion of Canada. Using simple rules, interesting combat mechanics and a card driven system, they have created an elegant and subtle strategy game that can be enjoyed by both Grognards and newcomers to our hobby. Many players, in their early experience with the game, quickly realize that it is extremely challenging to win as the American player. This is historically accurate as the American war effort was ill-conceived, ineptly led, and hastily organized. We will try here to give you some general American play and strategy tips to overcome the British advantages

British Advantages

The mechanics and design give the British player several advantages. First and foremost, the British have three factions, while the Americans have only two. Since you’re able to move an Army as long as one unit of a faction is represented, the British player has tremendous flexibility and strategic mobility as the Brits are able to move three times per round compared with the Americans two. In fact, frequently the British will have consecutive moves allowing them to penetrate deeply into the hinterlands after their initial move breaks through the American frontline.

British Muster Areas are also geographically closer to the front line than the American Muster Areas. They are also more numerous (three printed on the map or four if you count the special Native American ability to recruit where they already have Native American unit present). This results in Fled British units returning to the fight more quickly than American units who must use precious movement cards to march to the front.

Even more importantly, the British Army is qualitatively better than the American. This superiority derives from two factors. The number of Hits, Command Decisions and Flee results on British dice compared to American dice and the fact that the British Army can roll a maximum of 8 dice in combat, (2 for British Regulars and 3 each for the Canadian Militia and Native Americans) compared to the Americans 5 dice, (2 for the American Regulars and 3 for the American Militia). In this game, when a player rolls combat dice his own units may Flee (and are removed from the board to return later in subsequent rounds). Since the Americans have more Flee results on their combat dice, they are more likely than the British player to harm themselves when rolling in combat. Therefore every time the American player rolls, on average, he will inflict 1.5 losses on the British and likely lose an equal amount of his own units to Flee results. On average the British will inflict three losses on the Americans with only one of their units Fleeing. This means, in a big battle, the American player can expect to remove four or five units from his army each battle turn. Needless to say, American armies melt away rather easily.

This is only the surface of the article – go here to read the rest and improve your strategies!



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