Gaming Industry Personalities Discuss Kickstarter

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yes, it’s another article on Kickstarter!  This one comes to us courtesy of Bring Your A-Game, in which they talk to several people in the industry, getting their thoughts on the Kickstarter phenomenon.

An excerpt…

Is Kickstarter here to stay?  Speaking with Mark H. Walker of Lock ‘n Load Publishing we learned he plans to do a Kickstarter to fund the Richard Launius designed zombie dice game Run, Fight or Diein the not-too-distant future.  Of Kickstarter he noted, “It’s the wave of the present, whether it’s the wave of the future, we’ll see.  It’s going to be something like Kickstarter.  I don’t know that it will be Kickstarter.”

Nick Pace created the pirate card game Raiding Parties and has enjoyed a pair of successful campaigns on Kickstarter to get the core game and an expansion, Brethren of the Coast, funded.  “Kickstarter has been everything,” Pace said.  “It is literally what brought my first product to life. I am not a company with numerous successes already, or a team full of people working around the clock. I am a true indie designer and needed something like Kickstarter to help “kick-start” Raiding Parties. It is what gave me the chance to even have a chance. Without it, I really don’t know how it would have worked.”

James Ernest of Cheapass Games who has a Deluxe Edition of Unexploded Cow on Kickstarter said, “I’m amazed. I wish there had been a thing like this when I was starting Cheapass Games. I would have loved to have it when I did my first big full-color game (Falling). It’s great to be able to raise money, gauge interest, and generate buzz around a new product all at the same time. And I doubt that I would be able to reboot my company without it.”

Read the rest of the article here!



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