Small World Realms Review at MTV Geek

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

I haven’t seen too many reviews of the Small World Realms map generating expansion for Days of Wonder’s Small World, but MTV Geek has just posted one.

An excerpt…

This game is pure fan service. “Small World” has already had several expansions and a spin-off standalone sequel, but “Small World Realms” offers something unique even for fans that already have every product in the series.

You might recall that Days of Wonder tried to introduce variety to “Small World” a few years back with the “Tales & Legends” deck of cards. That offered a variety of different ways to play,  including auctions (a mechanic I am not personally a fan of) for special bonuses, and randomized rules twists that were revealed only a turn or two in advance.

I wasn’t huge of how “Tales & Legends” tweaked the game, but Days of Wonder went back to the drawing board with “Realms.” The scenario-based approach is perfect. All of the rules twists are explained up front and they usually play well with to the uniquely-designed shape of their accompanying map.

The only stumbling point for “Small World Realms” is when certain races and powers can combine to throw off a scenario’s balance. This is not a fatal flaw because the race selection stack is supposed to balance these sorts of things out, but still, some combos push the limits of that self-balancing mechanic.

The best example I can give is of the “Go East” scenario, where players must start on the left side of the board, cross a river, and conquer the double-point spaces on the right edge of the board. In one game “Go East,” Heroic Halflings hit the table, used their special ability to enter the right side of the board, and combined with the Heroic ability were able to put four double-point spaces on lockdown for the entire game.

Read the rest of the review here!



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