September News from AEG Games

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

AEG has posted their September newsletter.  Here are a few highlights (most of it we’ve already reported on.)

Thank you to everyone who came and supported AEG at Gen Con Indianapolis! Smash Up was a resounding success, selling out in only two days. The game was played throughout the convention and around the city, with the giant Smash Up bags and “I’m Awesome” pins seen all through the show. Smash Up will be on store shelves very soon, and more is on the way. Retailers will also be supported with a line of eight posters, each featuring one of the awesome factions from  Smash Up!

If you missed us at Gen Con, be sure to catch us at Essen Spiel, where we will premiere the new Tempest line as well as one surprise game release! It’s not related to any current game line, and you won’t hear anything else about it until Essen!

(editor’s note:  Surprise game release?  Let the speculation begin now!)

The Tempest game line will release in October at Essen, with a retail release shortly thereafter. Tempest brings a new and thriving world to board gaming, where designers can tell the story of characters in the always tumultous city-state of Tempest. The initial release of games includes Courtier, Dominare, and Mercante.

We are also pleased to announce the addition of another release to the Tempest line: Love Letter by renowned Japanese game designer Seiji Kanai. The game places each player in the role of a suitor trying to send his letter of devotion to the Princess of Tempest. A fast-playing game, Love Letter features only 16 cards! You play rapid rounds, and whoever wins a certain number of rounds first succeeds in winning the affections of the Princess. Be sure to check out this exciting game later this year!

(ed:  I’ve played Love Letter, and it’s surprisingly deep for only having 16 cards.)

The Gamers has been a hit series of films about gamers and gamer life. The producers, Zombie Orpheus and Dead Gentlemen, are hard at work on the third in the series, and AEG plays a prominent role! In the story, the characters are caught up in the drama of a storyline CCG, with all the faction loyalty and rabid adherence to story that AEG’s L5R is known for. AEG even features in the film as the producer of the game!

The Gamers 3 was funded fully using Kickstarter, and as a result of some stretch goals, AEG is planning to produce a “15th Anniversary Retrospective Set” of the game Romance of the Nine Empires, featured in the film. This game is based on complete player control, little if any story team oversight, and should be hilarious. You may even see a few lighthearted jabs at our L5R fans and ourselves. Done with love of course!

Find the entire newsletter, with pictures, here.



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