Mage Company Announces Print ‘n Play Vault

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

From their press release:

Wrong Chemistry is printed and we are very proud delivering it to the people around the world. The game will be available in USA by Alliance Games Distributors and Warpath Games Distributors, in UK by Spiral Galaxy Games, in Portugal and Brazil by Runadrake, in Singapore by MAGE Company and now we want to place Wrong Chemistry in Slovenia and China. You can read about the progress of the game at: and on Board Game Geek.

We proudly announce the Print n Play Vault! This Vault will be a permanent “welcome” door to the most of our upcoming games. This service is totally free and you simple download the files of the game in prototype form, print them and enjoy the game! The files will be available via Board Game Geek and our website: New abouts the games will be available on our website, in our Forum, on Board Game Geek, on the most Social Media and several others gaming websites. We believe that by testing a game first, it will be the best help to decide if you want to buy that game! All the PnP Vault Games concern future campaigns on Kickstarter and the final form of those games will be much different! Find attached photos with the current games in our Vault.

 Finally we announce our New Game called 12 Realms and we hope to dress it with Minis to our upcoming Campaign on Kickstarter!!

I’ve included a few pictures – the first a character from the 12 Realms game, and the others examples of games from the Vault.



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