The Oggboard Combines Mobile and Board Gaming

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

From the press release:

Nevada Team Revolutionizes Board Gaming

A new gaming platform promising to “change the way you play board games” is launching this weekend.

The OggBoard platform was created by a team of Southern and Northern Nevada residents. It is appearing for the next 30 days on the popular website where gamers and developers can learn more and make pledges to ensure its further development.

The OggBoard provides an entirely new gaming experience by combining the best aspects of mobile and board gaming with augmented reality (AR). AR is a technology that can place computer generated objects on top of real-world objects as they are viewed through devices such as smartphones or tablets.

“When I looked at augmented reality, I saw the future of gaming,” said team founder Sam Lytle. “I knew there was a ton of potential there to create exciting games, but existing AR games were a little awkward to play,” he said. “I knew a few products needed to be made to make it practical for gamers.”

Lytle set to work to design a stand that would hold devices, leaving the gamer’s hands free to enjoy the game, rather than awkwardly holding a device while playing. He also saw the need for a standard set of game pieces that would work for a variety of AR games.

Lytle decided to test his idea on Kickstarter last year, and it set the gaming world abuzz. Publications like Kotaku and Coolest Gadgets weighed in saying, “This might be the future of iPhone gaming,” and “OggBoard could spell the end of ‘Bored Games’”.

Energized by the positive reception, Lytle assembled a team and the idea was polished over the last several months. The OggBoard team created the initial products to show the potential of the platform:

The OggDeck – a full deck of 52 playing cards designed specifically for AR gaming.
 The OggBoard Mini – small product that holds a mobile or tablet device at a good angle, pointing the camera to the OggDeck Cards.
 wAR – the first game developed for the OggBoard. Now in the testing, or beta, stage, wAR has the same rules as the classic game of War. In this rendition of wAR, characters appear on top of the playing cards and engage in battle.
 The OggBoard platform provides the essential elements to move AR from a neat, little novelty to a bona fide option for gamers and developers to explore, and it adds new dimensions to the already exciting board and mobile gaming scene.
 “Our team is made up of creative and talented individuals,” Lytle said. “We’re excited about what we’ve built, but this is just the beginning. We’re looking forward to further-developing our games and also working with 3rd party developers to provide the consumer with tons of fantastic OggBoard games.”

To learn more about the OggBoard, you can either go here to see the Kickstarter page, or check out the website.




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