Gameopolis # 21.5 – Arkham Horror

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Gameopolis has published a new episode.

The podcast description says…

“In this Session Report show, we give the Gameopolis “Point-5″ treatment to Fantasy Flight Games’ Arkham Horror.

This was a very challenging two-player game that pitted Mark and Jeff against one of the toughest, baddest, and ancientest Ancient Ones, Hastur! We discuss the ups and downs of the game, and do our best to avoid Sherlock Holmes- and Scooby Doo impressions. We end with a bit of gushing about all the things we love most about this game.

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Come back for Show 22.0 –only don’t forget your fedora and your tommy gun!”

Click here to give it a listen!



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