GameHead Reviews Roll Through the Ages

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Roll Through the Ages is an Eagle/Gryphon game from noted designer Matt Leacock (Pandemic).  It’s probably the shortest, simplest civilization building game out there, with a Yahtzee-like mechanic.  But is it any good?  GameHead reviews it and lets us know.

From the review…

No civilization building game would be complete without its fair share of society-crippling disasters. Disasters in The Bronze Age take the form of minus points suffered based on how many Skulls are shown on the dice rolled. Each die has one face (the 2 Goods and 1 Skull face) that has a Skull on it. If this face comes up while rolling, the player can’t reroll that die. Rolling more than one skull in a turn will result in a disaster.

This method of generating disasters leads to some very interesting decisions on your turn. If you’ve rolled one Skull, do you keep your mediocre roll so you don’t suffer a disaster? Or do you push your luck and hope to not trigger something terrible? A few of the disasters, notably Pestilence at three Skulls, affect everyone *but* the roller. Which leads to another interesting decision: If you have two Skulls up, do you try for Pestilence by throwing away an otherwise valuable roll?

Disasters also strongly interact with the Developments players have built. Irrigation prevents the two Skull disaster named Drought. Medicine does the same thing for an opponent’s Pestilence. The Great Wall Monument stops Invasions and Religion can turn a bad Revolt against opponents instead. Despite my personal distaste for insurance premiums, these developments have quickly grown to be some of my favorites!

Read the rest of the review, with pictures, here.



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