Deep Cut Studios Releases Wargame Terrain Mats

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

From the press release…

Introducing a New Product – Wargames Terrain Mat

Being various wargames enthusiasts ourselves, we were wondering – what is the best solution for fast paced action when we are talking about terrain? What scenery should we use when we are playing a battle outside our hobby shop? How to transport all that stuff? Shoe boxes for houses and books for hills are always welcome, but we came up with something much better. A wargames terrain mat.

We decided to make something that fits in a simple shopping bag – a foldable battlefield. A mat is made from high durability PVC, which is resistant to scratch and tear as well as various food stains. You can even make notes on it with water based pen and clean it with a piece of cloth later. PVC does not ‘remember’ its folding lines. Once out of the package, let it lay for a while and it becomes smooth again.

Then we met a talented artist Tom Fayen to help us with our vision. All the details are hand drawn and then used to generate a final picture. You can find exceptional attention to details as well as unique touch of an artist in every inch of the mat. The picture itself can serve as an excellent background for the usual scenery elements, such as buildings, hills, trees or other impassable or rough terrain objects. Or it can be used as a stand-alone background for a game. All you have to do is agree which elements are obstacles, and which otherwise affect your game.

The very first release represents an old battle in the swamp. Only ruins and foul stench is found here now. And some say that fallen warriors have risen to fight another battle once again in this god forsaken place…

Find more about the mats at the Deep Cut Studios website.



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