Board Games Featured at Kickstarter Blog

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Unless you’ve never read this news feed before, you know that Kickstarter is the most dominant change in the industry the past couple of years.  Kickstarter agrees, and spotlights this in an article about games, with mention of board games.  They say…

The Games category includes two subcategories — Board & Card Games and Video Games — and we can further break down these numbers accordingly. A lot of the attention has focused on Video Games, but Board & Card Games has also seen a lot of growth. Here’s a graph showing dollars pledged to each subcategory by year:

Later, they mention…

While 47% of board game projects have been successfully funded, just 23% of video game projects have been. Video Game projects raise more money — the average successfully funded video game raises $96,000 — but more Board & Card Game projects are funded, though often on a smaller scale.

See more graphs and comment on the story at the Kickstarter blog.



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