Android: Netrunner Now in Stores

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

From the Fantasy Flight website…

Welcome to the future. Android: Netrunner The Card Game is here!

Now available at your local retailer, Android: Netrunner is an asymmetrical, two-player Living Card Game® (LCG) that pits megacorporations and their massive resources against the subversive talents of lone runners.

High-Stakes Cyberstruggles

One player assumes the identity of one of the game’s monolithic megacorporations, each of which manages a vast financial empire as it seeks to develop and distribute the latest and greatest innovations in its field. The Corp player seeks to advance corporate agendas to score them and earn their points. However, the other player assumes the role of an individualistic, subversive criminal known as a runner. Runners hack into corporate servers in order to discover the secrets the giant megacorps would rather the world never saw. When they access corporate agendas, they steal them and score their points for themselves. The first player to seven points wins.

The ensuing cat-and-mouse struggles escalate as the Corp installs defense programs known as ice and the Runner seeks new ways and new icebreakers to hack through them. Each player works with a limited number of actions per turn, but has tremendous freedom in how he uses those actions. The asymmetrical game play of Android: Netrunner creates radically different experiences for the Corp and Runner as they pursue different sets of available actions, and the strategies they pursue, the facedown cards they play, and the cards they hold in their hands create multiple opportunities for subtle bluffs and feints. In Android: Netrunner, the game isn’t just about which cards you have, but it’s how you play them!

A Classic is Reborn

Reimagining Richard Garfield’s much beloved Netrunner card game, Android: Netrunner transports the gritty, cyberpunk feel of the game to the Android universe and updates the basic mechanics for the fixed-distribution, LCG format.

You can learn more about Android: Netrunner by visiting the game’s website and checking out our series of previews. Then, once you’re ready to start your run, head to your local retailer and access your copy!

Find more at the website…



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