Publish Waiting Periods and Better Proofing Color Filter

Posted: September 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today we’ve released a few changes to the site you will want to know about if you’re publishing games with us.

First, we’ve implemented a publish waiting period of 10 days. 

After you purchase your game for the first time, you must now wait 10 days before you’re allowed to publish your game. We’ve implemented this policy because too many designers are buying their copy, and then hitting publish right away without first reviewing the physical copy they receive from us. Reviewing the physical copy is important to ensure that your and our customers are receiving a high quality product. 

We’ve also updated the printing color filter in the proofing system. The old filter was good, but it distorted bright colors like white, and made them look grey. The new filter is a more accurate representation of what you’ll get from the printer.

Here’s an example of a high contrast image. Because the statue in the foreground is so dark, when it is printed, you won’t actually see most of the detail. on it. The filter gives you a heads up about it.

Most images don’t have such a stark contrast.  However, if you have a lot of dark elements in your images, then those will come out with more contrast on the printer. For example.

However, in other designs, the changes are barely apparent. 

And if your designs are mostly black and white, you’ll likely notice no change at all.

We hope these new changes will help you produce even higher quality products. Enjoy!

from The Game Crafter News


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