Munchkin Selling – Well, a Lot.

Posted: September 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

From Steve Jackson games…

What Do You Get When 100,000 Copies Of Munchkin Aren’t Enough?

You get a new printing!

The 23rd fnord printing of Munchkin was 100,000 copies — enough copies, we thought, to last well into 2013 at a level of sales slightly higher than we saw in 2011. “What brilliant planning!” we told ourselves. “What foresight!”

Then Target picked up Munchkin, and Geek & Sundry posted the Munchkin TableTop episode, and [Andrew, we can’t talk about that yet!!] . . . and it turns out that the 23rd printing miiiiiiight last us through the end of 2012.

But it might not.

So for the 24th printing, we’re doing something different: a print run of 120,000 copies.

Thanks to everyone who’s made Munchkin such a hit by showing it off and talking it up — your support makes all this possible.


I found this interesting, if only because most games consider 10,000 copies a runaway, huge success.  Turns out Munchkin is much more popular than most games.  There you have it!



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