FRANKENDIE on Kickstarter!

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

FrankenDie is NutForge Games‘ inaugural project. It is Al Leduc’s first game, and features terrific artwork from Darren Calvert. NutForge Games launched FrankenDie on Kickstarteron November 23, 2011. The campaign, which runs until January 8, 2012, has a goal of raising a minimum of $9,500 for the first round of manufacturing. Any surplus funding could also allow us to offer upgraded components.

About the Game: FrankenDie is a fast-paced, reflex party game for 3 to 6 players. Combining the tactile nature of dice rolling, the excitement of a “first to buzz in” mechanism, and pattern recognition to exercise your brain, we’re confident that FrankenDie will bring your party to life!

Become a Part of the Game: What we’re really excited about, is that gamers can become a part of our game! Not just in name, but they can be illustrated into the game’s components (as fearsome Creatures or insane Mad Scientists), by our top-notch artist. If that sounds as awesome to you as it does to us, then check out our GO MAD! pre-order packages.

About NutForge Games: NutForge Games is a game publisher who uses non-traditional marketing and publishing methods and believes in the power of unplugged gaming. Sitting at a table, in person, with family and friends is a sensational way to build lasting relationships and friendships. The founders (Lucas Castro and Marquis Cote) have also developed 3 initiatives to promote creativity and social interaction, via the power of unplugged games. The first is an organization called Games for All; the second is a gaming convention called the Game Summit; and the third is an upcoming fair, the Toy & Game Expo.

We love games, and we’re eager to share them with as many people as possible.

For more information contact us at NutForge Games.


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