Animus and E=Cube coming soon…

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Nightstalker Games, we will be releasing two new games this month. Fallen Order was the first game announced and we are now pleased to announce the upcoming release of Animus!
Animus is the ultimate, character crossover, card battle game! Draft characters from different worlds, dimensions and even other games! To win you must take advantage of the various abilities and powers to maximize your resistances and strike at your opponents weaknesses! Tactical maneuvering is crucial as you battle for dominant positioning! You will be able to battle using characters from other Nightstalker Games including Dragon Blast and Monster Kids! This game will also debut the E=Cube system. The E=Cube is a system of elements and forces that can be added to a game to create another dimension of strategy. This system will be free for other designers to use in their own games and it doesn’t supersede existing game rules. More information about Animus and the E=Cube will be coming soon as we get closer to a definite launch date.
To give you a taste of Animus, here are some pics of the cards!:

Ryukyu from the game, Dragon Blast

Blaze from the game, Monster Kids

Zen from the game....?


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