Auction Junktion – New game from Nightstalker Games

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Auction Junktion is a wild, zany and cut-throat storage auction and trading game!

Auction Junktion Game

Nightstalker Games has released a new game for sale: Auction Junktion!

Auction Junktion is a storage auction game in which the players use auction, bluffing and other underhanded skills to win the best treasures while leaving everyone else wallowing in useless junk!

When storage lockers go unpaid or abandoned, the property goes up for auction to the highest bidder!

Each auction is played out with several face down cards drawn representing items in a storage locker. Each player only gets to peek at one item but you are bidding on the entire set. Be careful, because many of the items are worthless junk! Sift your way through the trash to find the hidden treasures!

You’ve got to use all the bargaining skills you have to beat out the competition as well as good bluffing skills to get the other players to buy all the junk.

It’s all about the money; will you have it all at the end or will you be wallowing in a big pile of junk?



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