Risen: The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Risen is a 1-4 player zombie co-operative card game. The players work together to build up a territory strong enough to repel the zombie swarms until the epidemic passes and civilization can rebuild; while keeping survivors fed and sheltered. Scavenge the farm, explore the suburbs, and cleanse the city to find the food, tools, weapons, gas, and shelter you need to survive. The zombies have Risen! Will you and your friends rise up as well?

This is a new game under development but it needs your help to Rise! The creators need your pledges over at Kickstarter.com to make this game a reality. Here is the url: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/526764488/risen-a-zombie-apocalypse-survival-game-for-1-4-pe

“Project Summary: The game development is to be handled in multiple phases. The overall goal is to get 2,000 Risen games published and into the hands of adoring gamers. I’m asking the good people of Kickstarter to help turn this zombie apocalypse dream into reality… wait… that didn’t sound right. We’ve found artists to make the 280+ cards, design the plastic chits that are going in the box, design the game placard the players use, make a box design, and help us create an artistically beautiful game to go with our elegant play design. We’ve found a publisher for the cards and we are working on the game pieces as we speak. This game will be published!”

You will not be charged your pledge unless the project meet its minimum goal amount of $8000. They’ve already raised $1000 with over 15 backers and they only have 25 days left.  Please take a moment to look over the project and make a pledge. You can pledge as little as $1.00.


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